Friday, September 08, 2006

My Life Monday - Week 9 - a little late

I'm so sorry I am late with this! I really meant to be on time this week. But it was my birthday Monday (31 now!) and my boys kept me spoiled and busy all day long. Tuesday I was out of town for a burial and the rest of the week has been catch up at school. It's been crazy! We switched to a new curriculum this year at school, so I've been reorganizing and reformating everything I do. Plus we switched from a trimester system with only 5 classes a day to a semester system with 7 classes a day. I now have 180 students in a day instead of 120, which means more students and less time to grade in (our prep hour got cut by 25 minutes). I'm finding it's taking me longer than I plan to do anything with the changes. I know it's all excuses, but here I am, just a few days late! Without further ado . . .

I've had many fun jobs over the years. Some I've liked, some I've hated, and some have been the means to an end. So in all its glory, my jobs!

Arctic Circle - I worked here for about a year and even was employee of the month once. I had my picture on the wall for it and everything. I got fired a few months later for calling in sick to be with a friend whose mother had died that day. Nice huh? They were notorious for firing people for no real good reason.

Little Caesars - Yum, I still like their pizza. I worked here for about two years and became a shift manager. I cracked my tail bone working there because I ran out to see something funny (can't remember what now) and I slipped where somebody was mopping. It hurt like a bugger!

Cement Company - I worked as a day laborer for three summers here to earn money for college. You had to be related to somebody who already worked there (my dad as head chemist) and they paid you good money for the time to do crap work. I wore full coveralls, steel toed boots, and a hard hat. I spent my days shoveling, jack hammering, sweeping, painting, and generally dying of the heat and hating the job. I would NEVER, EVER want to do this work again! It sucked, but it paid for college. I wish I had a picture to show you of me in my full gear. I got second degree burns my last summer there. They had me work in an area shoveling cement dust (which is highly acidic) and then moved me to a wet area. The water mixed with the cement dust, rubbed on my ankles all day long, and left me with nifty scars on each ankle. My sister got them worse than me and had to go to daily whirl pool baths for several weeks to treat it. I seriously have never done so much physical labor in my life. I learned to drive big machines like front end loaders, operate a jack hammer, paint under a kiln that radiated 400 degree heat (and I got to do that in August in Idaho - what fun!), scrub tile with hydrochloric acid, and so many other such jobs.

Sales person - I worked at the jewelry Walmart counter for two years, which I loved. I loved the discounts and the people I worked with. I quit because of a psycho stalker who also worked there. I then worked at ZCMI in the juniors section until I graduated college. I did really well with commission sales most of the time there and averaged a decent amount per hour.

Teacher - What I do now! I love it most of the time. This is my ninth year teaching. Every day is a new adventure! I love my students and my subject. I'm so glad I went into teaching. There are challenges and times I want to strangle a student or two, but I enjoy almost every day.

Mom - This is my real full time job and it's the best job in the world. It's the most difficult with the most challenges, but it also brings the most rewards and joy. I'm grateful every day to have this job and be a mom! Camden is a great son and I am thrilled to be his mother. This is by far the job that I love most.

Share with me your jobs! If you did this on time, post your link now! For next week, I'm participating in 2996 in honor of 9/11. Feel free to join us if you so wish. If not, do your own thing and leave a link anyway!


Katy said...

My ds #1 would've loved to join you in your cement job. He thinks anything with power tools, front-end loaders have to be the world's best job.

Frog Legs said...

I have been thinking about you all week. LOL! :) Nice to see a post. Can you believe we've had monay of teh same type jobs, LOL! Funny. And we won't discuss how many students I have... It will friggin' take me all quarter to learn their names.

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Anonymous said...

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EmLouisa said...

Freaking spammers.

I am loving that you worked as a cement person. I can just picture you in a hard hat a steel toed boots. Oh so sexy!

Dawnyel said...

A CEMENT WORKER!? Now that's one that you don't hear many women taking on! I'm impressed! Did they pay for the treatment you needed for the burns? If not, they really should have! RUDE!
I love Walmart, but could NEVER work there...I can't handle the customers...did you ever work during Christmas holidays? It really ruins the season if you do! ICK!
I'm glad you finally posted, I was worrying...since you promised us and all! :)

Stephanie said...

Yeah! I am glad you are back! I was worried.

Carrie said...

I missed you and I am glad your back!:) It sounds like your jobs have been fun except for the cement worker. Again, I am so glad your back. I hope school goes smoothly for you this year.:)

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