Thursday, December 21, 2006

A few shout outs

I've got a few shout outs of thanks to give to some MOF's who have really helped me out lately.

First of all, to Emily and her dh. Our computer at home crashed a few weeks ago, taking all of my pictures with it. To give you an idea of how bad this is, ALL of Camden's pictures over the past 20 months were on it and NONE of them were backed up to a disk. We had hard copies of some we printed out and I had some at school, but I thought we were going to loss over half our pictures. I was distraught and pretty much crying on our bulletin board when Em stepped in. She told me her dh was a computer genius and could probably help us save our pictures as long as the hard drive wasn't fried. She sent us a disk to help recover the pictures, Mark called her dh, her dh stepped Mark through, and we were able to recover ALL our pictures. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that we were able to get them all. I cried tears of joy seeing the pictures again. I learned to ALWAYS back up your pictures.

Second to Alissa who did our Christmas cards for us this year. She did an AWESOME job! I love them and couldn't be any more pleased with them. I love all her Christmas card designs as well as her photography. I only wish she lived close enough to take some pictures of our family for us.

Last of all, to the anonymous person who left this comment:
"(I'm debated whether to sign as anon or not...I'm a regular reader of your blog but I didn't think you'd want to read mine right now. I think of you often. Take care!)"
Please don't be afraid to sign my blog! I'm assuming you left this comment because you are pregnant and you think it may be too painful for me to read your blog because it discusses pregnancy at times. I really appreciate you thinking of me and having that sensitivity (not a lot of people have that same compassion), but I can assure you I am OK with pregnancy and pregnant people. Each of us have our trials in life. I know I will probably always struggle get and stay pregnant, but that's part of my trials and part of having a mortal body. I have come to accept this and am OK with it. I'm glad you don't have to go through the same thing and I mean that. I still love all my MOF's who are pregnant or who may become pregnant while I struggle with getting so. My trials may not be your trials and your trials may not be mine. One thing I love about MOF's and the blogosphere is the variety of people and their struggles they may post about. I learn from each one of you as I read your blogs. Please don't be afraid to comment just because you may be pregnant!! I really am OK with it.
Merry Christmas to all of you! I don't know if I will post again until after Christmas because we have a busy schedule the next few days. I hope it is a good holiday for each of you.


Valarie said...

The Christmas card is great! Alissa does nice work, but it wouldn't be half as good without that adorable boy in it.

Char said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

You know, you can have Alissa photgraph you in April.......just sayin'......


txmommy said...

your cards are beautiful! Merry Christmas!

sheri said...

And if you'll be there in April, maybe I'll even show up. Just sayin...

sheri said...

Oh yeah!
And WAY cute card (Alissa did mine as well. Love them)
Have a great Christmas!

Dawnyel said...

Merry Christmas, Rachelle! :)

Gabriela said...

You must have been sick when you realized you'd lost your pictures!!! How wonderful you saved them.

Your Christmas card (and little guy)is beautiful.

merry christmas to you and yours!

-Gabs (a POF)

Dramalish said...

You are such a sweetie.

I love the Christmas cards. Hope your holiday was merry and full of the joy of the season.

Maine Mom said...

Merry Christmas! I love your Christmas card.
I'm so glad you got your pictures back!

Heather said...

Hey there!
Back after an extended blogging absence. Hope you're doing well, and I totally agree with your comment about pregnant friends. We all deal as best we can with the trials we've been given, and I think it is so great to recognize that and just love each other. You're a peach, Rachelle.

Lolly said...

So glad to hear of your saving your pictures - we've all been there but not all us have such a sweet end! Have a very Happy New Year - Blessings to you!