Thursday, February 28, 2008

A blossoming friendship

Before Easton was born, I was worried how Camden would adjust to the change of a new little person in the house. Cam can be a bit stubborn and set in his ways and I knew Easton would turn his world upside down. When Cam first met Easton in the hospital, he basically ignored him. When Easton came home, Camden wanted nothing to do with him. Easton was a nuisance who took time away from Camden. I worried then that they may never like each other much. As time as gone on, however, signs point to the idea that they may become good friends.

Camden will lay down next to Easton, hold his hand, and talk to him. He loves to show Easton new things and new tricks. He'll bring a paci when Easton is crying. The other night though, Camden melted my heart.

We were eating dinner and Easton had just awoke from a nap. He was in his swing while we ate. As time wore on, he began to fuss because he wanted Mom to hurry up and finish eating so I could hold him. Camden got down from his place at the table and went and stood by Easton's swing. He patted Easton's head and told him, "It's ok brother." Then he told East to "hold on" and Cam ran into the living room. He came back with a rattle for Easton. He put it in East's hand and told him, "Here you go." And he stayed there by East for the next few minutes while I finished eating. As I watched Cam's care and concern for his brother, I realized their relationship is changing. They are becoming friends. I only hope that friendship continues to grow.


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What sweethearts! Easton is still so so so tiny! Can I hold him please?

Lynanne said...

I love this story! It was so touching I got teary just reading it. I think you are right - as both boys get older it's going to get better and better. They have the perfect difference in age to truly appreciate one another.

Mattsmom said...

What a sweetie! The pic of the two of them is priceless. Cam is going to be a great big brother! Not to mention Mommy's helper!

Dawnyel said...

That's just too sweet for words! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's wonderful! My brother and I are a year apart, and we didn't start moving into friendship territory until after we had both moved out of my parents' house.

And the picture is adorable.