Monday, January 29, 2007

My Life Monday - Define myself

I am a sister and daughter. I have a family who loves me and has seen me through some real ups and downs. And they have probably seen me at my strangest!

I am a student. Going back to college has been so much fun! I love learning and playing the role of a learner again.

I am a researcher. I love to research new subjects all the time. Knowledge is important to me. I can often be found researching a new term I heard or something that interests me.

I am a wife. I love my husband and I love being a wife. I didn't get married until I was almost 25, so I know what it was like to be single. I have the best husband in the world and I am so glad he is mine. Being a wife brings me much joy!

I am a teacher. This is probably how I define myself the most. I educate the lives of students every day. After this year, I will have taught over 1,000 students. It's amazing the lives I get to experience on a daily basis and have a small part in.

I am a mom. This is my proudest definition. I worked so hard to gain this privilege and am grateful every day of my life for my son. Nothing thrills me as much as being a mom.

I am forever infertile in my mind. I will never forget what this trial has taught me. I will probably always struggle with having/carrying children. I've often wondered how, after this part of my life is over, how I will redefine myself because this is such a HUGE part of my life right now as we try to increase our family.

I am me. I am a unique person with talents, fears, quirkiness, and so much more. Sometimes I am so busy defining myself in other ways that I forget that I am me at the end of the day, without all these titles or roles to play. Putting all my other definitions (or my many hats) aside, I am still the person I have always been, through 31 years of life. And sometimes it's good to realize that again.

I am a daughter of God. As cheesy as that sounds, it's an important definition. Although I may not always like everything about myself or even see the good in myself, I am a valuable person and am loved by a higher being. He always sees the good in me and we all need that kind of cheerleader in our lives.

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Next week's topic - Pet peeves!


MelnHead said...

I did my the same way last night-- well, just about, LOL! :) My first one us up :)

Jane said...

I didn't participate this week because I wanted to memorialize a dear family friend. Your list is wonderful. You should enter it in Owl Havens contest under Opinion Saturday which is on the same topic.

I too define myself mostly as a teacher and sometimes I resent the intrusion. I am not sure that other professions have the same weighty title.

I have also wondered if the pain of infertiltiy will ever fade. I wonder if there will be a time when I can forget all this bagage.

Have a great week!

Dawnyel said...

Wow! We share many of the same definitions! :) I loved this topic! It really made me think long and hard about who I really am! Thanks for giving us this! I LOVE IT!

Stephanie said...

Rachelle, that was beautiful! I hope you print that out and tape it to your bathroom mirror for you to read each day. You have a lot to be proud of!

Maine Mom said...

I wish we lived closer so we could hang out. You are awesome!
I am very glad you are a mom :-)

Shelah said...

great topic, Rachelle! I had fun doing it.

And I too, am so glad you're a mom!

Anonymous said...

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