Friday, December 09, 2005

Achieving Balance

Balance? What is balance? I'd sure like to find out. I work full time and have Cam. My husband works 32 hours a week, goes to school full time, and takes care of Cam three days a week (Cam is in daycare the other two). With all of that, the holiday season, and all the normal stuff like cooking, cleaning, and laundry, I sometimes think I'm going crazy because something is always being neglected. If I play with Cam like I should after work, my house goes to pieces. If I clean, I feel I am neglecting Cam or Mark. If I take time for myself, then everything else is being neglected. It's hard to know what to let go and how far to let it go. I'm still learning what I can handle letting go and what is important to me to get done. Hopefully sometime shortly before the millennium, I'll figure it all out and achieve balance.

Actually, I'm hoping that if I am a really good girl this year, I'll get some balance in my Christmas stocking.

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