Monday, February 13, 2006

The Liar Shall be Thrust down to Hell

And since this is the new meme, I'll be in good company. Lee wants me to lie. What a bad influence huh? My mom would have never let me play with her as a child. Good thing I'm an adult now. But if I go to heck for lying, it's all Lee's fault. ;)

I've been instructed to do the following: Write five things about yourself with only ONE of them being true. The other four are fiction, and everyone else gets to guess which one is not fiction.

1. Although I teach English, I actually double majored in psychology and sociology in college. I only minored in English. Since it is easier to get a job in English, that is what I'm teaching.

2. I had a REALLY crappy day back in 1997. I lost my job, got dumped by a boyfriend, and arrested - all on the same day. To my credit, the arrest was for a ticket from an accident I thought I had taken care of.

3. I refuse to wear open toed shoes. I have a genetic foot problem in which my toenails are black. They are freaking ugly, so I never show them to the public.

4. My husband and I never really dated. We were best friends and all of a sudden decided to get married. So we went from best friends to engaged overnight without ever really dating.

5. I wrecked three cars in a year, my mom's, my first new car, and then my second new car. Yeah, I'm a great driver. You should see my insurance rates.

Take a guess, which one do you think is true? I will reveal in 24 hours.

And the next 5 people are tagged:

Heather - my neighbor to the left in Cosa MOFstra's
Amber - my neighbor to the right in Des Mamans
Sara - because she is always right
Linsey - because she gives good blog
Shelah - because she can come up with some doozies.


Julie said...

I don't know you that well - just started reading the blog - but thought it would be fun to play, anyhow. #'s 3 and 4 sound the least crazy, so I'll go with #4. :)

Sugarmama said...

Ditto what you said, Julie. I don't know you very well, Rachelle, but I'm going to guess #3. It doesn't sound like something a person would make up.

ShelahBooksIt said...

I'm guessing #2. Sounds weird enough to be you, lol.

And I responded to the tagging.

Taffi said...

I'm going with #2. That sounds like a fun explanation if true...

emlouisa said...

I am guessing #5 since I can relate to that one. I got in 3 wrecks in a year when I was in high school. MOSTLY my fault and I say mostly because one of them involved a slick patch of ice and a school bus. And yeah, I'm pretty dang embarrassed about it.

mommy to four j's said...

I'm going to guess #3 even though I don't know you very well Ijust started reading your blog.

Lee said...

#2. I am totally curious to hear what the truth is. I can't imagine if that is true, what a bad day.

Linsey said...


Kimmy said...

I'm guessin' number 5 is the true statement.
Number 2
I give up

Shannon said...


Noncommittal by nature said...

i can't guess, i only visited your site for the first time today, but will definately be back!

i'm curious to know if your armpit of utah is the same one i'm thinking of? i'm north of ogden - smells like b.o. :P

great blog!

jessica said...

I'll guess #2 - just for fun.

I have a pack of lies on my site too (a few posts ago). If you wanna check 'um out, come on over.

Chilihead2 said...

I'm guessing #2. Those days su-huck.

Sara said...

Grr! I should KNOW this one! Sheesh

I'm gonna guess #1

Nutella said...

I'm gonna guess # 4, even though I don't know you that well. It sounds like a great story!