Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The mushy Valentines Day blog

Non-mushy stuff first.

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Ok, on to the post. I am not a big Valentines person. I believe we should show love to our family members all the time, not just on a day that society says we have to show love. Sure, I like to get flowers and all that fun froofy stuff, but it means more when done spontaneously throughout the year. In spite of thinking that way about Valentines, I can't help feeling overwhelmed with love for the two main guys in my life. Blame it on being surrounded by pink, red, flowers, hearts, etc., but it gets a girl thinking. So today, I bring you my guys.

This is the man:

-Who melts my heart every time I look at this picture and see the love he has for my son.
-Whose spirit I immediately recognized upon meeting for the first time. I knew we had met before.
-Who knows everything about me, all my weaknesses and faults - and loves me anyway.
-Who has seen me naked - and loves me anyway.
-Who puts up with my many mood swings and attitudes - and loves me anyway.
-Who brought me flowers every month the first year of our marriage.
-Who still brings me little gifts and cards to show he cares.
-Who cooks better than I do.
-Who kept me strong during the infertility and always believed we would be blessed with a child.
-Who is stronger in spirit than any other person I have met before.
-Who always sees the best in me and others.
-Who laughs with me (and sometimes at me).
-Who is my best friend, lover, companion, soul mate, my better half, and so many others in every way possible.
-Who makes me a little Rachelle puddle every time he sings a song to me or our son
-Who helped me create the most beautiful child.
-Who would do anything for me and our son.
-Who loves and gives unconditionally.
-Who takes such good care of our son and is such a good Mr. Mom
-Who works so hard at school, work, and home to improve our life now and in the future
-Who is everything I ever wanted in a man, and more.

This is the boy:

-Who ended the years of heartache and pain of trying for a child
-Who made me a mother
-Who helped me believe in miracles
-Who brought and still brings so much joy to me on a daily basis
-Who brightens my world in so many ways.
-Who makes me laugh and smile on a constant basis.
-Who causes me to delight in every little thing you do
-Who I can't wait to rush home to after work
-Who I love to touch pointers with again and again.

-Who can shoot poop almost anywhere.
-Who I want to wake up in the morning so I can see your beautiful smile and hear your coos.
-Who says "Mom, mom, mom" over and over again and I come running.
-Who brings tears to my eyes as I look at you and marvel at your wonderfulness and miraculousness.
-Who makes me want to be a better person so I can be the mom you deserve.

-Who makes being a mom an easy job
-Who is more wonderful and perfect than I ever thought possible.

To my boys, I love you! Thank you for the privilege of knowing and loving you!


Mr. Mom said...

Awww! Sniff sniff. We love you too! Every day I am grateful for you. (Especially when Cam saves the biggest poopies for you! hehehe!) I love the joy that being a family brings.

Kimmy said...

Precious! Absolutely precious post!

Happy Valentine's Day!

HolyMama! said...

That was mushy in the very best way. (And your son has the cutest little face!)

owlhaven said...

Sweet! Thanks for coming over to see me, btw!


Jenna said...

Ohhh....precious on every single account. I just want to mush your son. In a good way.
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Having readers knocks my socks off!

lackrik said...

how sweet!

ShelahBooksIt said...

so sweet!!! you've got me all verklempt

Linsey said...

So sweet!!!

jessica said...

What a super sweet way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Better than candy (well, almost :)

Regina Clare Jane said...

It's the holiday that brings it out in us, all this musing on the love of our lives. This was a wonderful post, Rachelle, and thanks for coming to visit me!

WendyLou said...

How Sweet. Made me cry, but to be fair almost everything does that right now.

Just dropped in to say hi!

Can I link to your blog? I enjoyed reading it.

Nutella said...

That is adorable!

Moonface said...

that so soooooooo sweeeeeeet.

Lei said...

So sweet Rachelle! Oh, and I am very impressed that one of us knows how to spell verklempt. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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