Thursday, February 09, 2006


Remember this? Well, I am feeling every single minute today. EVERY SINGLE MINUTE! Ah the fun of a sick baby who wakes every hour all night long. And I do mean EVERY hour. Mark and I have become good at tag team wrestling this child at night. When Cam is sick, he tosses, turns, and wakes frequently needing his comfort of choice - the paci. The kid is addicted to that thing. When he turns 1, we're putting him in a 12 step program for pacifier addiction. Anyway, the past few nights have held little sleep for Mark and I. Giving that sleep up has been hard. We quite like our sleep and had gotten used to it since Cam spontaneously started sleeping through the night a few weeks ago.

Last night we decided to let the other person get at least 2 or 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep (a luxury right now). So I took Camden to bed with me around 1 am and kicked Mark to the guest bedroom. Then all I had to do was roll over and put the paci back in his mouth without leaving the comfort of the bed. When Mark came to tag me at 4 am, I was quite looking forward to my 2 hours of continuous sleep before my alarm went off at 6 am. I stumbled drunkenly into the guest room and fell into the sleep of the dead. I didn't stir until dh came in to see if I was awake.

Bleary eyed, I crawled out of bed. Dh asked me if I was going to be late. Of course not! Doesn't the clock say 5:58 am? Suddenly, it hit me! It's not almost 6, it's almost 7. In a blind panic I jumped out of bed and raced to get ready. I'm pretty pleased with myself actually. I walked through the door at 7:45, only 15 minutes late.

And in spite of all that, I got my grading done. Are you proud of me? Sleep walking and got all my essays done. And I've stayed away from the blogs (mostly) today. I think I deserve a gold star on my forehead.


Lei said...

Hugs, Rachelle!

Andrea said...

Dh and i are very familiar with our guest room too. Its the only way to do it!! i hope you get a better night sleep tonight and that Cam gets better soon!

emlouisa said...

Gold star for you, right on your forehead!

Sorry Cam is so sick. Poor guy!

Oh, guess what. Mason used to LOVE his binkie until he got teeth. Now he hates it. Hooray for not having to wean him! I'm feeling lucky.

Moonface said...

you certainly do deserve a gold star! hope your little one is feeling better soon - and you are able to get some sleep.

The Constant Gardener said...

UG! I hate nights like that!

It's time to teach that boy to put in his own paci! We used one of those paci keeper things, clipped it to Little Boy's jammies and taught him to find it (clipped it on his clothes during the day to teach him). It only took a few days...

Life is grand when they can find their own paci!