Monday, April 02, 2007

My Life Monday - dreams

Would you look at that? A MLM on a Monday! Please, hold the applause. Today I am so excited to read about your crazy dreams. And of course you get to read some of my doozies.

As a child, I always had the same dream when I was sick. I don't know why, but I would dream I was chasing knots on a snowy TV screen. Each time I got close to a knot in this gigantic rope, it would fade away again and I would run the other direction after another knot. In the background was always a buzzing sound, like many bees on the loose. I've often wondered what that dream could have meant, but each time I got sick, it came again.

For the past year, I've been having recurring dreams with friends from high school in it. It's always the same two friends. I keep in touch with these friends, but I am not sure why they appear in dreams on a regular basis. It doesn't matter what kind of dream; often these two friends will show up. Nothing weird happens in the dreams - we just talk and interact with each other - but I wonder why it is these two friends I only see on an occasional basis.

I often get asked if I get dreams about going to school naked as a teacher. I never do, but before the start of each school year, without fail, I have a dream in which my first class will be starting in a matter of minutes and I'm not ready. There are no bulletin boards up, I haven't made copies of my first day of school papers, I'm running around like crazy, and frustrated I am behind. This dream makes perfect sense to me since I have to have my room completely set up and all materials ready before the first student walks in my classroom door. This dream just relives the thoughts I have during the day.

Most of the time I don't remember dreams for long, but I do have doozies on a regular basis. I'll tell them to Mark and he'll just marvel. Lately I've had a few that have scared the crap out of me. I'm going to Idaho for Easter break and my dream takes place around my parent's house. In both dreams, somehow Camden gets away from me near their house and I don't notice. So I'm searching for him at twilight and am completely panicked because he is nowhere to be found. In one dream, several people are out searching and we can't find him. In the other, a stream runs behinds some house and I lose him near that. In both there is a great sense of foreboding and loss. I wake up scared and have vowed to not let Camden out of my sight at my parent's house when we visit this week.

Usually my dreams are more crazy and make no sense. Like I'm on American Idol but I can't sing and yet people keep voting for me (Sanjaya anyone?). Or I'm a secret spy and saving the world. I'm always thin in my dreams, and irresistible too. I've had some crazy ones lately, but as I want to share, of course I can't remember them. So if I do, I'll come back and share.

Remember to leave your link below if you participate. Since I will be gone for awhile, there is no topic for next week. I'll update sometime next week with the next topic.


Ashley said...

I haven't ever joined in on a "My Life Monday." You don't know me, actually, but I found your blog through my friend's blog. I love that you do this every Monday and I'm excited to join in! I enjoy reading your blog.

Unknown said...

I hate having bad dreams about my children, they seem so real! I just remembered a dream I had of Zach falling through a hole to his death on a cement floor. I had a hard time getting over the feeling I experienced in the dream. It was awful!
I have dreams now and then of realizing I am taking a class near the time of finals, but I haven't been to the class all semester. I don't like those dreams, either.

This was a fun topic!...although like you, I never thought of these dreams as I was writing my post!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I had a dream just last week about being in prison with several other ladies in my ward. What do you suppose that means?

Anonymous said...

I have had quite a few crying dreams. Not sure what that means either.

Jane said...

I can't think of any recent dreams. However, I used to have this dream that I was getting married. As I walked down the very loooong aisle of my old church, my teeth become very loose. So I am trying to smile in a way that I keep my teeth from falling out. By the time I get to the end of the asile I can't talk because all my teeth are loose in my mouth. I must have had that dream dozens of times. Fortunately, at my real wedding, all my teeth were fine and the asile of my new church was short anyway!

liz mataraza said...

you don't know me...found your blog through another blog on a scrpabooking website. enjoyed reading it and totally relate to the crazy dreams...i always have very strange dreams when i eat ham during the day. my hubby and i call them 'ham dreams'. really, i'm just excited that i'm getting enough sleep to actually have any kind of dream lately. i have an almost 3 month old!

Anonymous said...

Dreams are bizarre! In high school I had a teacher who tried to analyze them, but it never made sense to me.

teeth bleaching

Dramalish said...

What's up, Chica?

We miss you; updates?

Amy said...

I new to all this blogging. Just enjoying reading and learning a lot. It's nice to know we all have a lot in common. amy