Friday, June 20, 2008

My Students

To make up for missing graduation, I held a barbecue for some of my seniors. I had to show them off as we had one last big fling before they move on to new stages of their lives.

Easton hanging out with the ladies (they are all so beautiful!)

The boys trying oh so hard to be cool (or is that me trying to be cool?)

A bunch of the crew. Man, I love these kids!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Toddler Math

Take one active, curious three year old. Add in two parents busy getting ready for church, plus a spray bottle full of water unnoticed in the toddler's hand. Leave said child unattended while said parents prepare for church. Notice it has become eerily quiet and race downstairs to see said toddler sitting with said water bottle in front of the open laptop computer. What do you have? One toddlerfied computer. Yes Camden, that dear, sweet boy, sprayed water all over the screen of the laptop, which has consequently destroyed the laptop screen. So I am stuck with our old, SLOW PC and may be a bit scarce. If you are here from NCLM, I will be catching up with you soon!