Monday, July 16, 2007

It's a boy!

Yes, we're having another boy. Unlike his older brother, this baby was more than willing to show the goods right away. We're excited to have another boy, but have no names picked out. I'm open for suggestions. Boy names are the hardest for me because of teaching school - many names get ruined forever. Plus I have specific naming rules. They are as follows:

1. No made up names. It must be a real name with a normal spelling.
2. No gender neutral names.
3. No redneck names like Wyatt.
4. It cannot be one of the following (if you have a child with these names, please don't be offended) - Seth, Ethan, Andrew, Daniel, or Nathan.

I like names that end in N (although I am open to many others) and they must have a nickname possibility.

So, share with me any boy names you just love that fit in my rules! I have a very short list right now and am looking for all suggestions. Bring on the boy names!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Time to guess the gender!

I really suck at blogging in the summer. It seems like so many other things come first. Right now I am taking two classes online, so much of my computer time is spent there. Plus my stepson is here right now and he sleeps in the room with the computer. Being a teenager, he hides in his room most of the day, so my computer time is limited. He leaves later this week, so I should have more blogging time then. I read your blogs still, but don't have much time to comment. I promise to say hi to each of you soon!

Things are going well. I am 18 weeks pregnant today. We rented a doppler with this baby, so every Sunday we listen to the heartbeat to reassure me the baby is still doing well in there. I love being pg and am so grateful for this blessing! Our big ultrasound is the 16th. Hopefully we'll find out what this baby is then. Camden was a shy stubborn baby (much like real life) and it took four ultrasounds to find out what he was. We tried twice at the dr office, once at the big ultrasound, and finally went to Fetal Fotos to find out. The tech had to sit there with the wand on his butt for ten minutes before he decided to spread his legs and show the goods. We're hoping this baby will be more cooperative. So now is the time to put in your guess. Leave a comment with your guess. I have an impression, but I was wrong with Camden, so won't share that impression in case I am wrong again. I will update sometime in the afternoon on the 16th with our news!