Monday, July 16, 2007

It's a boy!

Yes, we're having another boy. Unlike his older brother, this baby was more than willing to show the goods right away. We're excited to have another boy, but have no names picked out. I'm open for suggestions. Boy names are the hardest for me because of teaching school - many names get ruined forever. Plus I have specific naming rules. They are as follows:

1. No made up names. It must be a real name with a normal spelling.
2. No gender neutral names.
3. No redneck names like Wyatt.
4. It cannot be one of the following (if you have a child with these names, please don't be offended) - Seth, Ethan, Andrew, Daniel, or Nathan.

I like names that end in N (although I am open to many others) and they must have a nickname possibility.

So, share with me any boy names you just love that fit in my rules! I have a very short list right now and am looking for all suggestions. Bring on the boy names!


Dawnyel said... have Nathan down TWICE!! (You must REALLY not like it!)
I'm just excited for you, and baby boy #2! :D

Unknown said...

Congratulations on another boy! It will be fun for Camden and the new little guy to play together as they grow up. :-)

I think boy names are hard to come up with too. The name coming to mind right now is Steven.

I hope your enjoying your summer!

sheri said...

Congrats!!!! How exciting!!!!
I'm the worst at names. My kid is named Kyle. Take it or leave it. I won't be offended. :)

sheri said...

Oh yeah, meant to add...a name I kinda like for a boy is Anderson. And it ends in an "n". lol

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the made up name thing. And after that rule, my number one rule was no naming the baby after anybody who isn't already deceased so that we no for sure how they turned out. My husband was named after two uncles who were normal at the time of his birth, but now are both serious wackadoos! Nice namesakes, huh?

So with what said, how about Benjamin?

Lynanne said...

Congrats! I agree with Main Mom. I love being the mom to 3 boys. For our last boy, names that we had picked out that end in "n"(one of which we may or may not have used ;)) were Aidan, Braden/Brayden, Brennan, Caden, Keagan, Kieran, Keanan.

We used the following website to see how popular a name was:

We wanted a name that was reasonably well known but not overly popular.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

YAY for boys!

lucky #2 said...

Congrats on your bouncing baby boy!

Anonymous said...


As for names:
Aaron is my my two favorite guys in the world are named that...
Jason, Brandon, Justin, and Tyson are all wonderful young men in my last ward that I absolutly adore.

Lana said...

I love the name John. Ends with an "n", but it doesn't seem to match Camden.

How about Carson?
Or Benjamin?

Melzie said...

Can't recall if I ever sent an email, but yay on another boy. No offense to you not liking Nathan. I like it just fine. ;) Suggestions... none I can think of, I named N when I saw him.

The Estrogen Files said...

Congratulations on the good news! What about Brendan? Kevin?

We chose Michael Vladimir for our little angel baby.

Anonymous said...

How about Sam (oh that's gender neutral)

Ryan, Steven, Martin, Thomas....

You have really made this hard


Ashley said...

I like Jack but it doesn't end in an N and it's pretty popular right now. I also think Noah is cute. I'm glad things are going well for you. Congrats!

Melissa said...

Hmmm, names.....Well, we do Biblical, so ours are a little odd! Elias and Solomon are ours boys.....I like Isaac, I have a bunch of brothers....Blake, Steven Todd and Seth! I like Jarom and Adam, and Evan......need more? LOL!

Gabriela said...

Wow! I haven't visited in a while! Congrtulations on your upcoming bundle of joy-that's fantastic. :)

I'll get back to you on names!

Lisa M. said...

Totally offended. I have an Ethan.

I'm never EVER coming here, again!


Lisa M. said...

Okay I was kidding (So hope you knew that) *chuckle*

Rowdy, Tristin, Indiana, Tucker, Dawson, Ollie, Gage, Hunter..


Sorry, I couldn't help myself. (blog reading, WAY too late)

I like different names. Mine are,

Aurora, Victoria, and Ethan. I like *period* names. I had NO freaking Idea when I named, Ethan it would be so popular.

I hope you find something you love.

Had I had another girl, it would have been Isabella.

One Scrappy Gal said...

My son is Alexander James. We call him Alex. If he decides to be an actor when he grows up, he can change his name to something cool like Xander.

If I had another boy, he would be Nicholas Edward.

Congratulations!! A new baby is a blessing. Hold him tight...they grow SO fast.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your second boy! Two boys are a ton of fun. Names I love and end in n. Mason, Braden, Grayden,and Payson. All family names- not made up. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

congrats!!! here are some names


J. said...

i too am expecting a boy after two girls. so we are excited for this new experience.

names: maybe i can think of one for every letter just for fun (some might be far out);
allan, boydan, creedon, dallin, eeton, ferrin, gailon, henderson, ivan, jason, kevin, leeson, madden, nelson, olan, pierceson, quinton, raylin, stan, tyson, U?, vernon (old fashioned i know), weston, X?, Z?

so congrats. there was one more thing i wanted to share with you. i have read your site about your struggles w/having children and recently i came across this website for women who suffered the loss of baby. i know you must know many woman with these challenges--i thought you might be interested for this reason (you can reach many people)--the site is

the woman who founded this site has a very touching story and needed a special way to come to peace and this site is the result. i hope you check it when you have a chance.
sincerely, with love, j. shaver

p.s. we are naming our boy craig russell.

Anonymous said...

we love little boys! we have two--Abram "abe" and Matthew. currently i am loving the name Harrison "harris."
good luck!

sheri said...

K, got these names from a friend of mine: Braxton, Tristan, Raiden. I'm not saying I love any of them, just passing them along :)
Also, where are you?!

Maureen said...

I have two sons and boys are fantastic! How about one of these names: Allan, Owen, Aaron,Ian, Morgan, Declan, Harrison, Stephan, or Julian.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

Gavin <----Really like this one. It's Scottish for 'White Hawk.'
Augustus-Nickname Gus

Gina said...

I like Hayden!

Congrats! Boys are so wonderful!

Lammy said...

Hey gal... wondering if you're ok.. Haven't heard from you in several months! What's up!?
Hope all is well.