Friday, June 20, 2008

My Students

To make up for missing graduation, I held a barbecue for some of my seniors. I had to show them off as we had one last big fling before they move on to new stages of their lives.

Easton hanging out with the ladies (they are all so beautiful!)

The boys trying oh so hard to be cool (or is that me trying to be cool?)

A bunch of the crew. Man, I love these kids!


Melzie said...

That's so great that you did this! :) I bet it was great for them, but I know even better for YOU!!
Mel via NCLMo

(officially one of my visits. :) Unofficially, I come often, LOL!

Company EIGHT said...

What a great teacher you are!! They are lucky lucky lucky!!

Unknown said...

They look like a nice bunch of young adults. That was so nice of you to have a barbecue for them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a party! How fun.

Drostan and Jennifer said...

You are such a great teacher! I know they will never forget you!!!

Dramalish said...

I miss your posts... hope all is well with your sweet family.