Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr. Sunshine

Easton is 9 months old and I think it's about time I gave him his own post. Easton is truly my Mr. Sunshine. This boy smiles all the time. He's so happy and easy going.

Easton has been a joy since the day he was born. He's always been easy going and likes sleep like his mommy. I remember when he was 5 weeks old. I had put him to bed at 9:30 the night before. At 5 am, I woke in a panic wondering if he was ok since he hadn't fed all night long. I checked on him and he was just fine and woke about an hour later to feed. That became normal for him - sleeping through the night at a super young age. Since I had to go back to work when he was 6 weeks old, that was great for me! He is still my great sleeper. When he is sick or is teething, you can expect a few wakings, but otherwise, he sleeps 11 hours at night. He is a total tummy sleeper too, something he did all on his own. Once he learned to roll, as soon as he hit the bed, he flipped
over on his stomach. I love watching him sleep with his little bum up in the air.

Easton practices new skills all the time. Camden would study and wouldn't do anything until he could do it perfectly. As a result, we have some new experiences with a baby who practices and practices. Easton has been crawling for about a month now. He moves fast and if he sees something he wants, he's after it. He has found the dog food more than once. He also pulls to st
anding on everything. He loves to be in the center of it all.

This is the face I see most of the time. When I come home from work and Easton sees me, he lights up and scrambles as fast as he can to get me. Then he gives me huge, open mouth kisses. When we go to stores, church, or any place public, Easton will stare at somebody until they look at him and then smile big. We get comments all the time on how cute and happy he is. He's a shameless flirt. He'll smile big at any pretty girl, no matter the age. He has all his caretakers wrapped around his finger.

Easton loves to laugh and play. He loves animals and stuffed toys. He loves Little People the most (something Camden never enjoyed). He loves baths, books, and exploring his world. He loves games where he bounces in the air and he loves dancing with the family. Although we try to not let him watch TV, if it's on, he's fascinated by the lights. He especially adores his brother. Nobody can get East laughing like Cam can. Nobody! It doesn't matter what simple thing Camden does, it will get Easton rolling on the floor. He looks up to Camden and follows Cam everywhere. Camden is so patient and gentle with him as well.

Easton is a champion eater. He loves his solid and table food. He especially loves cheese, noodles, fruits, veggies, and Cheerios. My only complaint about the boy is his liquid diet. Every time he has gotten sick or been teething, he drops a liquid feeding. When he was 4 months old, he got his first cold and refused nursing for weeks on end. He never nursed again, even though I tried. Each cold after that, another feeding dropped. Now he takes one bottle in the morning and one at night. He'll only take a few small sips of liquid during the day from a sippy cup (will not touch a bottle during the day). He's healthy and happy, so his doctor tells me not to worry about it so much. Put anything in front of him in solid form and he'll eat it though, so that's a good thing.

Easton is such a joy. We call him Easter Bug, Easter Bunny, Eastie, and bug most of the time. We tried calling him Eastie Beastie, but since he in no way is a beast, it just doesn't fit. I am so grateful this happy, sunshiney boy is in our lives!


Jess said...

Those big eyes just melt my heart! I am so glad you posted. Now do it more often. LOL!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

holy crap that kid is cute!

sheri said...

That is one stinkin' cute baby!!!!!

Lynanne said...

Oh my goodness, are you sure this isn't a baby borrowed from an Anne Gedes photo? Both of your boys are cuties but Easton, wow! How can you say no to him?

Anonymous said...

You know, I think it took 9 months or so before I finally wrote a post just about Robby too - poor second children:)

I love these pictures. They're gorgeous, as is he.

And you gotta love those open-mouthed kisses.

Dawnyel said...

He's such a cutie!! What a cute little tribute to him!! (Aren't second babies SO nice?)

Carrie Snider said...

That was such a cute post! How nice to have a sweet little guy like him in your life. :)

Baker Family said...

I am so glad you posted these pictures. Easton is so cute. He definitely has Baker genes. (Although I do see some Mark in him.) I think it is the job of the 2nd child to be happy and smiling all the time!

Lammy said...

what a little doll!

Man... I just want to kiss his whole face!!!
So sweet.