Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas 2008

Sure it's almost a month after Christmas, but it's never too late for a Christmas post. So here are pictures from our Christmas shindig.

Camden eating chocolate while waiting for grandparents
to arrive before opening presents.

Easton with his new bead maze. Melissa and Doug toys are the best!

Camden opening his big Santa present.
It's a big wooden train! (Which has seriously have to be the best present he has ever received. He plays with it for HOURS!)
Easton opening presents with the help of Daddy. Eastie didn't get the whole Christmas thing. One present and he was done. He was happy with things the way they were and kept crawling off to play with all the old toys.
The boys playing - and Christmas aftermath. It seemed like we hadn't bought them all that much - until it was open and spread all over the floor.
Camden later that day after all the mess was cleaned up and his train all put together. He loves that thing!


Meemer said...

merry christmas! i love eastons jammies. too cute. well, both your boys really are!

Unknown said...

We wait for my parents to arrive before opening presents on Christmas morning. It was hard for Eleanor to wait this year!

Looks like your family had a great Christmas!

KAT said...

Cute pictures. Camden looks so happy with his train.

Company EIGHT said...

It looks wonderful Rachelle--Merry Christmas!