Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Randomness of the day

Random 1 - Yeah, I am an English teacher and I suck at editing my posts. As I look back over my blog entries, I find about a million typos. Mark has fun pointing them out to me since I always correct his college papers. Apparently I need to spend a little bit more time rereading. Don't you want your kids to have an English teacher just like me who can't even proof her own work? All I can say, is that is what editors are for! Anybody want to be mine?

Random 2 - I am 30, scared of the dark, and being home alone. As I was typing the above random, I heard a strange noise and then my dog started barking. The computer room is upstairs (where I am). I need to be cleaning the basement which is obviously downstairs and dark (and which I was fully planning on doing until the strange noise). I'm now a little freaked out about going into the basement by myself without Mark home (he's at work). There may be some deranged maniac down there with a chain saw. How did he get in? Who knows. Considering we locked ourselves out of our house Saturday morning and it took an hour (and a professional) to break back in (that's a story for another post), he'd have to be a pretty clever deranged chainsaw killer. If I don't post tomorrow, you will know what happened. Please send a search party to the basement.

Oh, and if I made any errors in the above, I'll try to fix them from beyond the grave.


Pamela said...

You have typos???? Ya right! Have you seen my blog lately? I have writing skills and yet I blog..... :-)

Steph said...

So, are you dead? :P

I'm a chicken too. And I can call you a chicken, because I'm one myself. :P

Gina said...

k, I am addicted to your blog already... I used to be scared when I was home alone until I got to know the area a little better and then we got cats. Any noise I hear I can blame on them. I feel so secure when I am home these days. It's odd, I never thought I would feel so "OK" when the hubby isn't home.