Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The truth shall be known

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting the truth of my many lies. I'm really not a good liar, so I am amazed at how few guessed the truth, even those that know me (Sara). It must be because you can't see me stuttering and stumbling as I lie my lil head off.

#1 - Partially true. Even though I teach English, it was really my minor in college, not my major. My major was history, however. It is easier to get an English job, so that is what I have been teaching for the past 8 years. The credit difference between my major and minor is small.

#2 - This didn't happen to me, but it did happen to my poor husband. He lost his job and got arrested as he left his job that day. It was for a ticket from an accident that he thought he had taken care of. To top it off, after leaving the police station, he went home to find out his divorce had been finalized that day.

#3 - This is also my husband. He has some freaky genetic toe nail problem. Both he and his sister have it. Both hate their feet and refuse to wear open toed shoes. Luckily, none of his children (his two boys from the previous marriage or Cam) have this condition.

#4 - This is the truth! My husband and I met shortly after his divorce. We hung out and became best friends. We tried our hand at a relationship, but it was too soon after his divorce for him to be ready for a relationship. So we remained best friends. Several months later, we were talking, felt that we should get married, and so we got engaged. You should have seen that awkward kiss! We literally went from best friends one day to engaged the following day. The real dating was done after we got engaged.

#5 - I've only been in one wreck in my life, knock on wood. This one was the most made up of the bunch.

Julie, who hardly knows me, and Nutella, who also doesn't know me well, were the only one to get it right. I guess only people who don't know super well me can tell my lies? That means I can trick all of you close to me! Thanks for playing! This has been my favorite meme so far!


Unknown said...

K so I lost on a technicality! I knew you didn't major in English! :P

Kimmy said...

Wow. I just didn't think #4. I just thought it couldn't happen. Sweet!

(Do I get half credit for guessing #2 since it is your hubby's "problem"?)

Thanks for stopping by. Do more truth/lie stuff. It's fun. And you're right. It's hard to tell a lie in writing!

Angela said...

So funny! I didn't even guess cause they all sounded pretty plausible. Pretty good liar! Your students should worry....."No, there will not be a pop quiz on Friday....." :)

Patti said...

Awesome! I am so proud of myself. I guess it was the way you wrote it that made it wound true. It sounds like you guys have a great marriage, based on an awesome friendship.

Mama D said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad found you!!! I will be back!

Linsey Farley Jameson said...

Can't remember what I guessed and I am too lazy to check. But if that isn't the one I DID guess, it was the one I meant to guess... ;-) I didn't thin kit was #4 at all, actually. Fooled me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachelle...I've just entered you on my Hall of Fame. If you have a profile picture I could use, you can email it to me at Thanks!

And congratulations again!

Queen Beth's Hall of Fame

Anonymous said...

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