Monday, February 06, 2006

Simple Pleasures Monday

If you didn't read last week, feel free to join us for "Simple Pleasures Monday."

One of my favorite things is dressing my son. In spite of the wiggling, wrestling, flipping gymnastics my son engages in while trying to clothe his body, I love dressing him. I love playing with him and talking to him as I put the daily outfit on. I love the smiles he gives me as I do it. And I love seeing how cute a particular outfit looks on him. After the socks, shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. go on, I have to stand him up and coo over the adorable outfit. On an almost daily basis, after I have dressed Cam, I take him to Mark exclaiming over the cuteness of my son and what he is wearing. You'd think I'd get sick of doing that or get sick of saying that about the same outfits. Because surely I must put him in the same outfits over and over again. But I don't. Because my son has enough outfits to clothe a small country. I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but Cam can go weeks without wearing the same outfit (unless we are having poop explosions and then we go through them much quicker).

You need to know something about me. I am a complete ebay addict. You can find anything on ebay! (Well, except an unwanted child, because I did search for that once during the infertility and came up with no results.) And as an ebay addict, one my my FAVORITE things is to shop for clothes for my son. When I first found out I was having a boy, I was a bit sad because everybody knows girls have cuter clothes. I'd been through the baby section in Walmart many times and noticed all the cute togs for girls and all the cookie cutter sameness for boys. So I resigned myself to boring old shirts and jeans. And then one day, during the latter part of my pregnancy, I had the urge to look at baby boys clothes on ebay. EUREKA! Tons of cute stuff! More than that, there were great prices for almost new brand name stuff. From then on, I was hooked.

Every few months, the urge comes to buy more clothes for Camden. Luckily enough for me, Cam grows fast enough that clothes shopping for him that often is more of a necessity than a want. And so I hit ebay. I search through the myriad of auctions, looking for the clothes that scream "Camden" or "cute" to me. And then I watch and bid. And wait for packages to arrive in the mail. And carefully wash and fold the clothes, sorted into style and size. And then the real fun begins (not that the hunt and buy process isn't fun enough).

Each night before bed, I plan what I am going to wear. And each night before bed, I plan what Camden is going to wear. I go through the clothes, sometimes picking out my favorites, sometimes looking for something that hasn't been worn in awhile. I lay his clothes out next to the changing table - shirt, pants, socks, bib, etc. It's all carefully laid out, waiting for the next day. And when he wakes in the morning (especially if we have new stuff or someplace special to go), I race in to dress him and once again admire his cuteness and his adorable outfits. I don't let Mark dress him or choose out his outfits. Not because he can't, but just because it brings me so much pleasure to dress my son.

Can you imagine what will happen if the next one is a girl?

*Tomorrow I shall complete Jennifer's tag. But since today is Monday, I had to do my Simple Pleasures. And I didn't do it over the weekend since I was sick. Something for my devoted? readers to look forward to.*


Mr. Mom said...

Come on... everyone knows you just think your husband will dress your son funny! lol My wife is a clothes hound! lol But only for her son?? Weird! Who knows what's next? Perhaps we will hire a wardrobe department to bring in his clothes on a rack? It is a distinct possibility!

emlouisa said...

Mr. Mom is right. He would probably dress him funny and you will judge him. That's what I do to my dh and he has refused to pick out clothes for them since the Great Camoflauge and Stripes Incident of Summer 2005. (But Em, the colors MATCH! But Greg, they are camo and STRIPES! TWO separate patterns!) lol

Linsey Farley Jameson said...

I love your simple pleasures posts. I always read them and think "awwww, I like that too".

When my dh is left to get kids dressed, I can tell he let them loose. Ya know, let my 2 year old pick out her own clothes.

Kathryn Thompson said...

Okay. This cracks me up. I have a friend who has 2 little girls. Her husband desperately wants a little boy.

However recently he's started saying that even if they do have a boy, he'll likely be tainted by all the women. He said that his little boy will likely be the only little boy on the block who calls his clothes "outfits" instead of clothes.

I'll have to reassure him that his boy won't be the ONLY one.

Welcome to the ring!

Unknown said...

yup Mr. Mom, you are a man. So you don't know how to dress. My dh can dress the girls but its the SAME outfits because he has favorites and refuses to put then in anything else if his favorite is clean.