Friday, March 17, 2006

Count along with me

At our school, each department gets to highlight their curriculum sometime during the school year. This week is Math Week. We've been doing all sorts of guess the candy in the jar contests (which I won on Monday) and all sorts of Sudoku's and Kakuro's (which I am addicted to both). As a result, I have numbers running through my head. So today I invite you to count along with me.

1 - The number of poopy diapers changed already this morning - and not by me!
2 - The number of tries it took me to get my new contacts into each eye.
3 - The number of times Camden woke up last night.
4 - The number of almost empty toothpaste tubes currently sitting on my bathroom counter.
5 - The time I got up this morning because I just couldn't sleep anymore.
6 - The number of opened lotion bottles on my HUSBAND's night stand - not mine.
7 - The day and month we got married. It represents completeness, wholeness, and eternity. Seven is also the day in August my stepson passed away almost seven years ago.
8 - The number of throw pillows on our couches - which I hate because there are way too many.
9 - The number of opened cereal boxes in my cupboard and I am the only one who eats cereal.
10 -The number of Girl Scout cookies I have eaten already this morning.
11 -The number of auctions I am currently watching on ebay, hoping to win for Camden.
12 -The number of the Janet Evanovich novel I am waiting anxiously to come out.

65 - The number this post is on this blog.

22,500 - The amount of money I dreamed last night my ward gave me for having a baby. Yeah, one of those bizarre dreams that make no sense, but the money sure would be nice.

Five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes - The song from "Rent" that is still going through my head. I watched that this weekend after many recommendations and really have to say, in spite of loving musicals, this one is definitely not on my favorites list.

Immeasurable - the stink one of Camden's poopy diapers can produce. Also the amount of love I have for him and my husband.

Join me for math week! Share a number from your life with me today.


Kimmy said...

Ha! I was lovin' all of it. Smilin' along the way. Tryin' to think of a number to use in my comments. Then you had to do it. Now it won't leave my mind for months. And it just left a few weeks ago!

525,600. The number of times I will sing that song. ;)

Dawnyel said...

2-the number of people I'm IMing at the same time
4-the number of times I tried to post my update for the day
Too many to count-the number of times I've confused someone today!

Kristen said...

Now I've got that "Rent" song going through my head and I haven't even seen the movie! LOL

1-The number of times I've fallen asleep at my desk today.
2-the number of cheese enchiladas I already ate for lunch even though it was only 10:30 a.m.
3-The number of times I've called hubby at home to check on the kids (remember the guy's got a broken leg and is on me paranoid.)
Too many to count--the number of times my little ones have run through my mind today.

Melzie said...

2: people who told me to watch RENT
1: person who didn't care for it (so is it a bust?)
2: number of prego tests I've done
53: minutes till my appointment

Anonymous said...

dozens: sweet supportive friends I've made while blogging.

Diana Mancuso said...

0 - The number of teeth my daughter has.

1 - The number of posts I've written in the past week.

2 - The number of naps Maddie has taken today.

3 - The number of poopy diapers she's had.

4 - The number of naps I should have taken today.

5 - The number of months left in my mat leave.

smart mama said...


lackrik said...


Far too much---Time I've spent on the computer today

Not in a million years---Times I've tried sushi

Once in a lifetime---fell in love with my dh

Lee said...

100 the number of minutes I was at the gym today!

Great post! You were busy.

emlouisa said...

45. The number of Minutes before I can put A down for a nap. He's on one today.

Lei said...

Now THAT should be a commercial! ;)

Goslyn said...

Cute. I think I will put a numbers post up today, too!

Jenn said...

I love Sudoku. I sleep and dream in numbers. Maybe I should lay off? Wow, this is four sentences.