Monday, January 16, 2006

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by the most awesome Shelah. I'd link you to her site, but it's ultra private. You have to give a pint of blood and two chocolate cookies before you can get the secret password.

Seven things to do before I die:
-Visit Italy
-Try to get a book published - maybe a whole series!
-Have a few more children
-Go to Brazil with my husband and see the places he served his mission.
-Learn to be a gourmet cook - or at least some really cool recipes that will knock the socks off others
-See my children raised and be successful
-Get out of plus sizes once and for all

Seven things I cannot do:
-Not go more than a few day without checking my boards
-Eat any form of salad dressing, mayo, or miracle whip without gagging
-Do a cartwheel or any gymnastics
-Be graceful
-Go to bed without a glass of water on my night stand
-Not embarrass my husband with what he calls my "soft spokeness" (much sarcasm there)
-Love the city I currently live in

Seven Things that Attract Me to My Spouse(not necessarily in this order!):
-His height (the man is 6'8"!)
-His strong spirit
-Those guns!
-The way he made me feel
-My spirit recognized his spirit
-Those lips!
-The way he made me laugh

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
-Freaking awesome! (Mormon cuss words here)
-Oh my hannah
-I love you (to my husband, baby, and dog)
-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (to my junior high classes to get them to be quiet)
-It's ok (consoling Camden at various moments, especially right now when sick)
-Oops, Uh-oh, Yikes (as I trip, fall, spill, etc. with my uber-gracefulness)
-Dumb butt (in reference to my dog and whoever else annoys me)

Seven books I love:
-Harry Potter Series
-The Work and the Glory Series
-The Giver
-Jane Eyre
-Ender's Game
-The Book of Mormon
-Shopaholic Series

Seven movies I could watch over and over again: (I'm not a big movie watcher, so this is hard)
-Ever After
-Phantom of the Opera
-Tommy Boy (Thanks Mark for that one)
-Secondhand Lions
-Miss Congeniality
-Most Disney cartoons

Seven people I want to join in:
-Sara (whose blog I've never been allowed to see)
-Mark (start a freaking blog already)
-Emily A (you too - start a blog!)
-Nikole or Nicoel (my two friends who both have their names spelled wrong and who both need to start a blog)


Linsey said...

Wow, 6'8" that is tall. LOL, Dumbbutt. I totally forgot about that, I will have to start calling people that again...

ShelahBooksIt said...

Cool, list Rachelle! And fyi, the blog is no longer ultra private!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I should probably start a blog. I mean, everybody else is doing it, and I hate being left out. But my life is so far beyond dull that nobody would read it. And that would lower my self-esteem, which would make me eat more chocolate, which is bad. Plus, I don't know what all these abbreviations mean. It's like you bloggers speak a different language. What's up with that?
Nikole (:
You're hilarious, by the way/

Rachelle said...

Nikole - start a blog! It's amazing how many people will read my drivel. I promise to read yours. And most of my abbreviations come from my infertile days. So you can learn them quickly. Start a blog!!!!!!

Emily A said...

What?! I can't start a blog! My life is too boring. I could always write about my extended family because we all know that THEY are not boring. But then I would always live in fear that they would happen upon my blog and never speak to me again. :)