Friday, January 06, 2006

Who taught my 8 month old to read?

Ok, so he can't really read, but somebody must have read him my "Melancholy Mother" entry because he has decided to start doing everything I said he wasn't yet doing.

For example, he is finally eating Gerber Puffs and not making a face of death. He puts them in his mouth himself! While he doesn't love them, he will eat them. That's progress on the solids front.

He finally rolled from his back to his tummy. Yup, 8.5 months old today and just barely doing that. He's rolled from tummy to back for months, but only this week has he started making it back the other direction. Now he does it repeatedly, entertaining himself for hours by rolling back and forth.

He's trying to army crawl. He can't quite do it, but he is sure working on scooting around. He's also trying to pull into a standing position and get himself into the sitting position by himself. Overnight he turned into a little gymnast who loves exploring what his body can do.

I think he might actually be getting some teeth. Again, 8.5 months old and no teeth. But he is being fussy and his gums are bulging, so maybe in the next few weeks we'll actually see teeth. Then we'll see how fun breastfeeding becomes!

I guess somehow Camden must have found out a bout my last entry about him and is now out to prove me wrong and grow up even faster. Maybe just posting about what he is not doing here makes him want to do it. Let's try an experiment. Camden doesn't sleep through the night yet. Will whoever read him the last post read him that line and see if he'll prove me wrong again? One can always hope.


Amber said...

Go Camden!! I love the army crawl- that's the stage Corinne is in too.

Steph said...

Hahaha! That ALWAYS happens to me too. Well, except for the sleeping through the night thing. That, not so much. :P

Anonymous said...

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